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Android FAQ

Basic Browsing
Home Screen and Web Apps
Bookmarks and Browsing History
Dolphin Sonar
Dolphin Key
Add-on and Themes
Dolphin Connect
Dolphin Jetpack
Privacy and Security

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What are the supported platforms?

Dolphin Browser runs on Android 2.0 and above.

What are supported countries and regions?

Dolphin Browser is available for all supported Android Market countries.

How do I install Dolphin Browser on my Android Phone?

Click on the Play Store icon on your Android device and search for “Dolphin Browser”. At this time, your device must have access to Google Play Store to download Dolphin Browser

Basic Browsing

How do I search words on a website?

Please long press the URL bar and choose “Find on page” from the popping context menu.

How do I to zoom?

Pinch. Or you can use the default Android zoom buttons. They can be enabled/disabled under Menu> More> Settings> Lab> Pinch-zoom Button.

What is swipe action?

Swipe action is an action to quickly access your bookmarks bar and tool bar.

How do I open a new tab?

Click “+” on the right most corner of the tab bar.

How do I reopen a closed tab?

Please hold on the tab bar, a menu including “Reopen closed tab” will pop up. Just click it.

How do I switch between tabs?

Scroll with your fingers. Or you can use Dolphin Browser add-on: Tab Switcher to help you.

What is User Agent? How do I change mobile view to desktop view?

User Agent is the browsing mode you use when viewing webpages. Desktop view is a mode similar to your PC. Android view is also called mobile view, usually set by default. You can set User Agent of Dolphin Browser under Menu> More> Settings> User Agent> Android/ Desktop/ iPhone/ iPad/ Custom. Or you can download Desktop Toggles to quickly switch between mobile mode and desktop mode.

I switched from Android to Desktop mode; why am I still seeing a mobile formatted site?

Usually, the website won’t redirect itself after changing user agent. It is better if you can input the full website address manually instead.

How do I copy/paste? Where is the clipboard?

To copy text or copy URL, please hold on the address you want to copy, and a menu will come out, choose “Select text” or “Copy page url”. To Paste, you can hold on the textbox where you want to paste the text in, a menu will come out, choose “paste”. “Text copied to clipboard” is a notification that you have copied the text/ url successfully.

How do I hide address bar and tab bar to get full screen browsing experience?

Swiping left, please turn on Full screen button at the top of tool bar.


How do I set Dolphin Browser as the default browser?

You can set Dolphin Browser as default browser directly under Menu>More> Settings> Set as Default Browser. If another program is already set as the default browser then you can undo this under Home >Settings > Applications > Manage applications. Select the application and use the ‘Clear defaults’ action.

How do I set loading image only in WiFi?

You can access settings page under Menu> More> Settings> Web Content> Load Images> Always On/ Always Off/ Show in WiFi.

How do I save all opened tabs even exiting the browser?

Please tap Menu> More> Settings> Lab> On Startup> Open Previous Page.

How do I enable/disable swipe action?

After launching Dolphin Browser, you can change swipe action by clicking menu> More> Settings> Lab> Enable Swipe Action> Enable Left Bar/ Enable Right Bar/ Enable All/ Disable.

How do I enable/disable Home button?

To enable/disable home button, please click Menu> More> Settings> Set Homepage> Home Button on URL Bar.

What is the volume button action? How do I change volume button actions?

Dolphin enables you to change the action for your volume of your devices. You can change volume button action under Menu> More> Settings> Lab> Volume Button Action, with the following option: 1) Default Android Action; 2) Scroll up/down page; 3) Switch Tabs

How does Dolphin support Flash?

Adobe stopped supporting flash in Android device 4.1+. However, with Dolphin, we have enabled users to turn on flash support in the browser. Dolphin Jetpack helps to improve the stability of viewing flash content in the browser.

How do I enable flash support in Dolphin?

Settings > Web Content > Flash Player

Note: You must install the Flash Player application onto your device first. You can find this with a simple Google search.

How do I disable search suggestions?

You can enable/disable search suggestion under Menu> More> Settings> Search Engine> Disable (or Enable) Search suggestions.

What is download directory?

How do I change my download directory? Download directory is the location for you to save your downloaded files. You can change download directory under Menu> More> Settings> Privacy & Personal Data> Download Directory.

How do I enable/disable pop-ups?

You can enable/disable pop-ups under Menu> More> Settings > Web Content> Block Pop-up Windows.

How do I pin menu bar to the bottom?

Please click Menu> More> Settings> Shown Bottom Menu Bar.

How do I change search engine?

You can change the default search engine Google to Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo or Yandex in Menu> More> Settings> Search Engine.

How do I enable JavaScript?

You can enable/disable JavaScript in Menu> More> Settings> Web Content> Enable JavaScript.

How do I always open links in background?

After launching Dolphin Browser, please turn on Open in Background under Menu> More> Settings> Lab> Open in Background Tab.

How do I exit the browser quickly?

Please hold on the back button, a menu including “Exit” will pop up.

How do I disable the confirmation dialog when exiting?

You can disable in Menu> More> Settings > Exit settings > Confirm Before Exiting. And then you can click back button twice to exit without confirmation dialog. But in case of losing your data by closing the browser accidentally, we made it confirm again when you exit browser by using Gesture or holding on back button.

How do I disable the auto refresh when I return back to Dolphin Browser from other apps?

In case of crashing Dolphin or your phone, the browser will stop working in the background when you go to another app. And it does not use your traffic but cache to reload the page when you back to Dolphin.


How do I choose default search engine?

Enter the URL bar and tap the search engine logo to the left. Then you can choose the one you prefer.

What is Vertical Search?

A feature enabling you to make one-click searches through Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube, i.e. When you type something in the URL bar, a new menu pops up on the bottom of the screen. Simply choose where to search by clicking on the logo of your choice.

Home Screen and Web Apps

What is a speed dial?

A speed dial is a bookmark that you can add to the Dolphin home screen for one-tap access.

What is a web app?

A web app is accessed through an Internet browser on your phone. It requires an Internet connection to function, but unlike a native app, it does not require to be downloaded to your phone.

What is the Web App Store?

The all-new Dolphin app web store offers access to the most popular web apps, making the browser a one-stop shop that users never have to leave. Choose from over 200 web apps, including Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Amazon and more.

There are more than 200 web apps in the Dolphin Web App Store. Where did Dolphin find all the web apps?

We worked with our partners like PhoneGap & Trigger.io to find innovative web apps into include in the store. We also scoured the web and reached out to individual HTML5 developers to consider their web apps for inclusion in the Dolphin Web App Store.

What is the Dolphin home screen?

The Dolphin home screen displays and provides easy, one-tap access to all your web apps and speed dials.

How do I access the Dolphin home screen?

The home screen can be accessed by tapping the “+/New Tab” sign in the top right corner, or by tapping “Create a New Tab” from the bottom of the tabs list. The Dolphin home screen isset as the homepage by default (can be changed at Settings > Set Homepage), and is the same as the new tab page.

How do I remove web apps / speed dials from my home page?

From the Dolphin home screen, press and hold on an icon. To delete it, drag it to the bottom of the screen.

How can I add web apps / speed dials to my phone desktop?

From the Dolphin home screen, press and hold on an icon. To add it to the phone desktop, drag it to the top of the screen.

How many web apps / speed dials can I add to my home page?

The Dolphin home page has room for up to five pages, each with twelve slots for web apps, speed dials or folders. Each folder can hold nine web apps or speed dials. This means that there should be plenty of room for your favorite web apps and speed dials, with a total capacity of 540.

How do I add speed dials to my Dolphin home screen?

New speed dials can be added by hitting the “+ New” sign on the home screen, which will access the Dolphin Web App Store. In the top right corner, hit “Add URL”, and create the desired bookmark. This will appear on the Dolphin home screen as a speed dial.

How do I add web apps to my Dolphin home screen?

New web apps can be added by hitting the “+ New” sign on the home screen, which will access the Dolphin Web App Store. Here you can browse for web apps based on category, or get a list of the most popular ones.

How do I manage the web apps and speed dials on my Dolphin home screen?

The different web apps and speed dials can be organized by long pressing an icon, and move it to the desired spot. Multiple web apps and speed dials can also be grouped together in folders by placing one icon on top of another.

What is the “Most Visited” folder on my Dolphin home screen?

In the “Most Visited” folder, Dolphin auto-generates speed dials that you might want to add based on your browsing history. You can easily drag the icons in the “Most Visited” folder onto your home screen for easy, one-tap access.

How do I remove the “Most Visited” folder from my Dolphin home screen?

If you don’t like the “Most Visited” folder, you can remove it by going to Settings > Set Home Page > Deselect “Show Most Visited Folder”.

Bookmarks and History

How do I add one bookmark?

After visiting a website, please click the + shaped button at address bar. When the Add bookmark page pops up, you can choose the folder or assign a gesture for this bookmark.

How do I edit my bookmarks?

You can swipe right to enter bookmarks bar, and hold on the bookmark you want to edit; a content menu will pop up then choose “Edit Bookmark”.

How do I open my bookmarks in new tabs or in background?

Please start Dolphin Browser> swipe right> hold on one bookmark> Open in new tab/ Open in background.

How do I delete my bookmarks?

Access the bookmarks editing page by clicking Menu> Bookmarks> “Settings” (Gear shaped button). Click the delete button on any bookmark you want to delete.

How do I backup my bookmarks?

You can back up all your data including bookmarks under Menu> More> Settings> Privacy & Personal Data> Backup or sync bookmarks with our database by using Dolphin account directly.

How do I sort my bookmarks?

You can access bookmarks editing page under Menu> Bookmarks> gear shaped button. Drag the sorting icon on the left side of the bookmarks.

How do I create shortcut of my bookmarks to the desktop of my device?

Please start Dolphin Browser> swipe right> hold on one bookmark> Add shortcut to Home.

How do I access my browsing history?

After launching Dolphin Browser, you can swipe right to view history in Bookmark side bar.

How do I create a new bookmark folder?

You can create new bookmarks folder under Menu> Bookmarks> gear shaped button> New folder.

How do I create a sub-folder under a bookmark folder?

You should first open the folder in left side bar under which you want create a sub-folder. Then you can create one under gear shaped button> New folder.

How can I go back 5 or 6 pages at a time without continuously hitting the back button?

You could download our add-on Tab History to help you. It will record your browsing history of each tab and show them in list. With one click of the history link, you can easily go back or forward to corresponding page.

How do I sync my desktop browser bookmarks with Dolphin Browser?

Use X-marks for Dolphin Browser to sync with any desktop browsers. But firstly you should have an X-marks account first. Sign up here.

Dolphin Sonar

What is Dolphin Sonar?

Dolphin Sonar allows you to search, share and navigate by shaking your phone and telling Dolphin what to do with your voice.

How to enter Dolphin Sonar page?

Please click Dolphin shaped button> Dolphin Sonar or you can shake your device to activate it.

How do I enter Dolphin Sonar help page? How do I check the action list of Dolphin Sonar?

After launching Dolphin Browser, please click Menu> More> Settings> Gesture & Sonar> Sonar settings > Help: Dolphin Sonar. And you can check the action list on help page.

How do I enable/disable shake to activate Dolphin Sonar?

You can click the Menu> More> Settings> Gesture & Sonar> Sonar settings> Shake to Activate.

How do I enable/disable the dolphin key?

After launching Dolphin Browser, please click Menu> More> Settings> Gesture & Sonar> Gesture Settings> Change Entry Location.

How do I create a shortcut for Dolphin Sonar to the home screen manually?

Please click Menu> More> Settings> Gesture & Sonar > Sonar Settings> Create Shortcut.


What is gesture?

This is a feature which helps you handle Dolphin Browser more easily through drawing different gestures.

How do I enable gesture page?

Please click Dolphin shaped button> Gesture.

How do I enter Gesture Help page?

After launching Dolphin Browser, please click Menu> More> Settings> Gesture & Sonar> Gesture Settings> Gesture Help.

How do I create a new gesture?

You can click Menu> More> Settings> Gesture & Sonar> Gesture Settings > More Actions > choose the action you want > Draw a sign.

How do I delete/edit an existing gesture?

After launching Dolphin Browser, please click Menu> More> Settings> Gesture & Sonar> Gesture Settings> Hold on a gesture > Edit/ Delete.


How can I share a webpage to Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, or Box?

To share a website, long press the address bar > tap “Share page”, and choose the service you want to share with.

How can I manage sharing accounts?

All sharing accounts are listed under Menu > Settings > Account & Service > Evernote/Facebook/ Twitter/ Box. Here you are able to log in or log out of accounts.

Add-on and Themes

How do I use the add-ons tool bar?

Swiping left, the add-ons tool bar will show up. Full screen button is at the top of the bar. Above is add-on button for you to access detailed add-on page that all the add-ons you’ve installed. All the other icons are the quick access for you to use the add-ons installed.

How do I disable or uninstall one add-on?

Swiping left, the add-ons side bar will show up. You can click gear-shaped button and hold on the add-on you want to disable or uninstall. The pop up window will show up.

How do I get new add-ons for Dolphin Browser?

You can access more add-ons by swiping left> gear shaped icon> Get more Add-ons, or you can search “Dolphin Add-on” on Google Play Store to get other add-ons.

How do I get more themes of Dolphin Browser?

Please start the browser and swipe left, click Color Splash button, and you will see a way to “Get more themes”. Or you can search “Dolphin Themes” on Google Play Store to get more themes.

I downloaded Dolphin for Android v10 and can no longer use my themes or night mode.

The old themes and night mode do not work with v10. You can install the new night mode and themes from Google Play.

I am using a version of Dolphin earlier than v10 and the themes or night mode in the Google Play store do not work.

Team Dolphin had to update the themes and night mode for Dolphin for Android v10, and these versions no longer work with Dolphin v9.x-. If you plan on staying with an older version of Dolphin, you can install the old versions of night mode and themes here:

How do I get the GWT view while browsing?

You can download our Dolphin Browser Add-on “Dolphin Compact Page” to help you quick switch between GWT view & Normal view.

How do I enable/disable the Dolphin icon of Dolphin Companion in notification bar?

You can enable/ disable Dolphin icon of Dolphin Companion under Menu> More> Add-ons> gear shaped button> Dolphin Companion> Menu> More> Settings>Ongoing Notification.

Dolphin Key

What is the Dolphin key?

The Dolphin key enables you to use Dolphin with one hand. It is the small circle with Dolphin icon in the lower left corner of the screen. The key gives quick access to tabs, gesture/sonar and menu.

How do I use the Dolphin key?

Press and hold the Dolphin key, and three new icons will pop up. Drag the Dolphin key vertically, diagonally or horizontally towards the different icons to access Tabs List, Gesture/Sonar, or Menu.

How can I change the location of the Dolphin key?

The Dolphin key can be located in the lower left or right corner of the screen. To move it from one side to the other, simply drag it horizontally all the way across the screen to its new position.

What is the tabs list?

A complete and clear overview of all your open tabs, with thumbnails and titles of the web pages. From here, you can drag and drop to reorder the tabs, swipe to close a tab, or tap + to open a new tab.

How do I open the tabs list?

Press and hold the Dolphin key, and drag vertically towards the tabs list icon.

How do I access the Dolphin menu?

Press and hold the Dolphin key, and drag horizontally towards the menu icon.

How do I access Gesture/Sonar?

Press and hold the Dolphin key, and drag diagonally towards the Gesture icon.

Dolphin Connect

What is Dolphin Connect?

Dolphin Connect is a cloud account that allows you to sync your bookmarks, history, tabs and passwords across different platforms, including mobile devices and your desktop.

Send directions, photos, webpages or phone numbers between your desktop and mobile with the ChromeFirefox or Safari extensions or sync information between your Android phone and iPad.

How do I set up a Dolphin Connect account?

To set up Dolphin Connect, tap the gear shaped button in menu bar > Account > Dolphin and login Dolphin Connect with your Facebook, Google or Dolphin account.

What can I do with Dolphin Connect on my Android phone?

Dolphin Connect Features:

  •   Sync Tabs
  •   Sync History
  •   Sync Passwords
  •   Manage passwords
  •   Auto-sync (WiFi only)
  •   Send directions/webpages/phone numbers/photos and more from desktop to other connected devices

Find synced bookmarks and tabs in “Advanced settings via web management”.

How do I set auto-sync for my Dolphin Connect account?

Auto-sync can be checked in settings under Menu> Settings> Account & Service> Dolphin. You will see these two options: “Dolphin Bookmarks AutoSync” and “Sync Desktop Bookmarks”. Go on, live a little and choose one!

How can I sync bookmarks/history/tabs/passwords with my other mobile devices using Dolphin?

Go to Bookmarks Bar and then click the “cloud-shaped” button. Dolphin will sync your data automatically.

What is Send to Device?

Send a phone number, directions or your favorite photo between your computer and connected devices.

How do I Send to Device with my Android phone?

Download extension for ChromeFirefox or Safari and sign into the same Dolphin Connect account on your mobile device and desktop.

  • From Desktop Webpage:

Select a webpage you would like to send. Click on the browser extension icon on the top right or left of URL bar.  Select device and presto!

– Directions:

Go to Google maps and select “Get directions”. The “Send to Mobile” button will appear below the point A/B text boxes. Tap “Send to Mobile” button and select the desired device. Simple as that.

– Text/Images:

Select the image you would like to share. Right click image and select “Send Image to Dolphin”.

What is WiFi Broadcast?

Use Wifi Broadcast to share webpages with your friends on the same WiFi network.

How can I sync bookmarks and opened tabs with desktop Chrome/Firefox?

Install the extension “Dolphin Connect” on Chrome/Firefox and log in to your selected Dolphin connect account on mobile.

What should I do if I forget my password?

Please click “Forget password” under Menu> More> Settings> Account & Sync> Connect with other Accounts> Dolphin Account> Forget Password.

How do I set auto sync of Dolphin connect?

After signing in Dolphin account, you can turn on Auto Sync every 2 hours.

How can I sync my Dolphin bookmarks, tabs, history by using Dolphin Connect?

After launching Dolphin Browser on one of your devices, you need first log in Dolphin Connect by using Facebook, Google or Dolphin account. While swiping out bookmarks side bar, you will find the cloud-shaped button at the top left corner there. Clicking on it, your bookmarks, tabs and history data will start syncing. After the process completed, you need to do the same thing on another Dolphin synced device.

Can I sync my open tabs from my phone to tablet with Dolphin Browser?

Yes. Please make sure that you have installed Dolphin Browser v 8.6+. When you swipe right to open left side bar, you can find the option “Other devices”. It is used to list all your tabs on other Dolphin synced devices.

Dolphin Jetpack

What is Dolphin Jetpack?

Dolphin Jetpack is an improved webkit version with extensive behind-the-scenes technology, which makes Dolphin Browser the highest performing HTML5 browser according to a number of tests and benchmarks.

How do I enable/disable Dolphin Jetpack after installing it from Google Play?

Click Menu > More > Settings > Dolphin Jetpack. Here you are able to enable/disable Jetpack.

Please note, Dolphin Jetpack only runs:

  •   with Dolphin Browser v9.1 and above
  •   on Android 2.3 or 4.0+ devices
  •   on ARM7+ devices

What is “Game mode”?

If you are playing a game in HTML5, Dolphin will suggest you to switch to Game mode. In Game mode, you’ll have better and smoother HTML5 game experience and be put into full-screen.

Privacy and Security

What is Private Mode?

Private mode is an option to browse the internet without saving browsing history in the history folder to access at a later point.

When Private Mode is turned on, Dolphin Browser WILL NOT:
– Remember your history, password, form data and location data
– Sync your history & open tabs
– Enable add-ons by default unless turned them on manually
– Show search suggestion below address bar
– Remember opened tabs upon startup even you have already checked the option in settings.
– Reopen closed tabs when long pressing the tab bar

How do I enable Private Mode?

Enable Private Mode under Menu> More> Settings > Privacy & Personal Data.

How do I import bookmarks from Dolphin Browser Mini or Stock Browser?

You can import bookmarks under Menu> More> Settings > Privacy & Personal Data> Import Bookmarks> Dolphin Browser Mini/ Stock Browser.

How do I clear unwanted data?

You can clear data under Menu> More> Settings > Privacy & Personal Data> Clear data.

What will dolphin do when I choose to backup my data?

All your settings, bookmarks, web data will be backup to your SD card. If you had uninstalled Dolphin, you can restore previous bookmarks and settings in Menu> More> Settings> Privacy & Personal Data> Restore, in case of losing data.

Does Dolphin store cookies or passwords on the server?

No. Dolphin Browser never send any passwords to the server. Our servers store no personal information that could be exposed in the unlikely event of a compromised server.

What about privacy?

Dolphin complies with the highest standards of data security and privacy: You can read about our privacy policy on our web site at http://www.dolphin-browser.com/privacy