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Dolphin Mobile Gesture and Voice Control Changes the Way We Browse the Mobile Web.

Dolphin brings you the world’s first mobile Gesture and mobile voice control (Sonar) based browser. Fast and playful, you can train your Dolphin to adapt to the way you want to browse. Open your favorite web pages with just a touch of your finger tip, tell Dolphin where to go or create a signature Gesture. With over 50 million downloads and growing daily, “Dolphin is the most capable browser available.” (PC Magazine)

About Mobotap

MoboTap is a mobile technology developer that is committed to advancing the mobile revolution by improving the way people experience the web through their mobile devices. Founded and led by an international team of proven engineers and entrepreneurs, MoboTap has begun this revolution with the launch of Dolphin Browser, a free web-browser specifically created and optimized for Android users.

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