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Bookmarks Widget Updates & One New Dolphin Add-on Arrives!

How time flies! It has been a month’s time since we had published the last two add-ons in August. During the whole September, we had been dedicated into optimizing the performance of Dolphin. You may be aware that we had released many updates on our Blog, but we will never stop doing this before we can […]

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The First Attempt to Cooperate with Third Parties: LastPass for Dolphin Browser HD Released!


Today, we are happy to announce that LastPass Dolphin Add-on is available in Android Market.  Now you can enjoy the powerful password manager in Dolphin Browser HD, in your mobile device. LastPass is a freeware password management program developed by LastPass.  It is available as a plugin for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. There is also […]

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Hotfix Version: Fix Issues of Swipe Action in Dolphin Browser HD

Several Days ago, we got to know that the swipe action issue and we promise that we will fix it asap. Here we publish a hotfix version to help you solve the problem. If you do not have this issue, you needn’t to get it installed. In addition, we also fix the force close bug in […]

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Published Two New Add-ons in Android Market: Web to PDF & Google Similar Page

You didn’t heard of our add-ons‘ news, right?  I remember that last add-on post(Add-on Star in September) was published half month ago. Today we will publish another two add-ons to Android Market. You can have a taste now. Now you can save your favorite page into PDF and quickly find the similar pages when you […]

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Does the Bookmark Side-bar Show Off too Easily?


Many of you mail us that our side bars are more easy to slide out in the newest version of Dolphin Browser HD. Thank you for reporting this bug to us, and we will soon publish a hotfix version through Dolphin Blog. And this version won’t update to Android Market soon, maybe some time later, […]

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It is time to Show Our Promising Results – Dolphin Browser HD V3.0 Beta1 released!

Several days ago, we promised all of you that we would work hard to optimize the performance and make dolphin better and better. It is no denying the fact that we are keeping on working hard to implement our promise. So it is time to show our promising results. cialis effetti indesiderati // online viagra // […]

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Add-on Star in September

I am so happy to announce that we will publish 2 new Dolphin add-ons in September. Because these two add-ons are kinda my favorite ones. You cannot get to know them if you just listen to my description. You should take action to experience it. These complained – product happen out emulsify does but, dont […]

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Dolphin Browser HD V3.0 Pre-release Now Available

We published the beta1 version of  Dolphin Browser HD few days ago and got 6000 downloads in 48 hours. We have received many bug report emails from you, thank you for the bug reports which help us a lot. According to your feedbacks, we fix some bugs and make some improvements compared with the Dolphin Browser […]

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Come and Join us, test Dolphin Browser V3.1 Beta

Maybe you do not hear from Dolphin Browser for a long time, we are sorry for that. However we never stop working on improving our Dolphin Browser.  Today a new Beta version of Dolphin Browser released, you can experience it now. Update: We just released the Dolphin Browser HD 3.0 Beta1, for detail info please […]

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