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Dolphin Browser v8.8: Mobile Downloads, Files and Efficiency

After a ton of hard work, yours and ours, we are excited to launch Dolphin Browser v8.8 today. Can’t wait – get it now from the Google Play Store More stable than ever, we are also excited to point our our new downloads manger. We want to make sure you have the easiest way to [...]

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Dolphin for Android Pad V1.0 Beta Released

We want to bring the best mobile browsing experience to our Android Pad users. Many users already knew about our Android Pad version several months ago. Right! Dolphin for Pad v1.0 beta is ready for you to download in Android Market. With 50 million Android tablet sold in 2010 and growing, Dolphin Browser now enables [...]

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Dolphin Browser HD V3.0 is Now Live in the Android Market

Firstly we must say thanks to all of you, especially the 13000 betausers for Dolphin Browser HD V3.0.0 Beta1 & Pre release version. We received 50+ comments, 300+ emails and 150+ log from you during the beta testing, which helped us a lot on the improvement of Dolphin Browser HD V3.0.0. So pls do not hesitate to show [...]

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