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Partner with Us

Your Potential Market: 50 Million users from Dolphin Browser in 208+ Countries/Territories. When you partner with Dolphin, you benefit from a unique opportunity to develop Add-on features based on the world’s leading browser from MoboTap.

Dolphin Developer Network

MoboTap is building the global platform for mobile browsing and we want you to become a part of it by developing Dolphin Add-ons that extend the functionality of our core application. We look forward to working with you to develop a Dolphin Add-on for your popular services. Whether you are a company developing a commercial app that will work with Dolphin, or you are a service provider with large user base, we’re interested in potential partnership with you, and we’ll offer the tools and assistance that you need to best develop the Add-on.

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Android Device Maker Partner Program

MoboTap is open to work with Android manufacturers worldwide including but not limited to; preloading deals, single and entire solutions. Dolphin Browser supports 16 languages in 208 countries and welcomes partners from the entire mobile terminal industry including, chip suppliers, mobile phone design companies and mobile terminal. Dolphin offers best browsing solutions for Android smart phone users by pre-embedding Dolphin Browser on your full range of handsets. With Dolphin and Dolphin Add-ons already integrated with your devices, you set yourself apart from your competitors by offering the world smartest browsing solutions to your customers. Extend your reach today.

Click here to participate android device maker partner program.