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Dolphin Connect Extension

Download the Dolphin Connect Extension for Chrome/Firefox/Safari to sync tabs and bookmarks, send webpages, directions, numbers, text and images directly from your desktop  to your mobile.

Send Web Content:

1. Website: Click the Dolphin icon on toolbar and choose another Dolphin Connected device
2. Phone number or any selected text: Highlight desired text/phone number, right click and choose “Send to mobile”
3. Images: Right click on image and choose “Send image to Dolphin”
4. Directions: Use Google Maps to find directions. Below the location fields click on “Send to Mobile” Dolphin button

Sync Data:

Sync your bookmarks & tabs between desktop & mobile devices.

*To send or sync data with your mobile device with Dolphin Connect, you first must download Dolphin Browser on Android, iPhone or iPad.

*Dolphin Connect extension for Safari does not support bookmark sync