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Archive for November, 2012

101 Small Business Mobile Applications You Must Check Out

The best 101 mobile applications for your small business. Not only do these apps have 4-star reviews

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How Tablets Will Change The Business World

As a mobile developer, one of the major trends we’re seeing right now is the explosion of tablets

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Dolphin Thanks YOU: a Nexus 10 Giveaway

Psst Dolphin Fans,  If you have been following Dolphin Browser on Facebook lately, you may have noticed a storm of comments last week when we asked fans which must-have tablet they wanted for the holiday season. The overwhelming response was the new Nexus 10.  Well in response to all that excitement, we just couldn’t resist: we’re […]

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How are you using Dolphin to Gear up for Your Holiday Trips?

Hey there Dolphin Fans, I can’t believe we’re heading into the holidays! October flew by, didn’t it? While you have been out there doing the monster mash and prepping for turkey dinner, we have been fine-tuning and tweaking Dolphin to make it the best mobile browsing experience out there. We know that as we continue […]

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10 Tips for Building a Mobile Developer Community

Back in October our team at Dolphin attended the HTML5 Conference in San Francisco where Diane Bisgeier from Mozilla presented their lessons learned from building a strong developer community. These are great points for anyone that’s trying to get an open source project off the ground and build a community around their mobile product:  Have […]

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