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Archive for September, 2012

Dolphin Browser for iPhone v6.1: iPhone 5 Compatible, Tabs on Top and Even More to Sync

iPhone 5 eat your heart out, Dolphin is back in full force. Check out our latest features including optimization for iPhone 5. Never one to read the instructions? Get it now, read later! Although we are not always be right (someone had to say it), we do pride ourselves on being a reactive to our […]

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Dolphin Browser Beta v1.0.9: Just Got Better!

ATTN Android Fans! Dolphin Browser Beta is updated on Google Play today, and it just got even better. Get it now!  How is Dolphin Browser Beta better? 1. Improved HTML5 support 2. Improved JavaScript performance 3. Various stability and performance improvements We can’t improve without your feedback. So just keep it coming at support@dolphin-browser.com, or […]

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Dolphin Browser Beta Update v1.0.8: Even Faster (If you can believe it!)

ATTN Android Speed Demons! Don’t wait – get it now!  Thank you for sending feedback to us in the past weeks, it continues to be the most important thing for us in improving Dolphin on all devices. Because of all of your help Dolphin Browser Beta is now updated on the Google Play Store. OK […]

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iPad Update v5.4: Swimming with autofill, passwords and improved mobile keyboard

ATTN: Dolphin iPad fans!  Check out the lastest and greatest Dolphin with some simple yet surprisingly vital updates that will make your browsing even faster. What’s under the hood: Autofill: Search suggestion automatically shown in URL bar for faster browsing Save passwords: Easier and safer : ) Keyboard: Improved design and faster input into URL […]

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Dolphin Browser v8.8: Mobile Downloads, Files and Efficiency

After a ton of hard work, yours and ours, we are excited to launch Dolphin Browser v8.8 today. Can’t wait – get it now from the Google Play Store More stable than ever, we are also excited to point our our new downloads manger. We want to make sure you have the easiest way to […]

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Dolphin Browser Beta Fun, Fast and and now Supports Google Nexus 7

ATTN Android users! Dolphin Browser Beta v1.0.7 is now out on Google Play Store. This update is focused on improving HTML5 game support, compatibility with Nexus 7 and overall browser stability. Go on, try it out and download now! In previous betas, we’ve showcased  a couple of games (X-type and Nutmeg) in our Hot Games […]

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